What rules and/or guidelines do you have for anyone who wants to adopt?

Rules and guidelines vary per dog to meet its individual need. 

This is my first adoption, what are some things to consider when adopting a pet? Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. Are you willing to provide proper veterinary care, food, and shelter for your new pet for the rest of its life? 

How much are your fees to adopt an animal?

Varies, contact us for more information.

What will I get when the animal is adopted by me?

A healthy pet when it leaves the property, along with a starter bag of food. A new collar and leash will also be provided to jump start to new life!

Will the animal be up to date on all shots?


What happens if I adopt and become unable for any reason to keep the animal?

If for some reason the pet cannot be kept we prefer it to be returned to us. There is a 25.00 surrender fee in order to placed on the waiting list to come in. All monies go directly in our "Puppy Fund."

Do you use Foster Families?

Yes, currently we have 2 great foster families

What are all of the methods that you use to place animals?

We use Petfinder, Facebook, The Tomahawk Newspaper, and North Shore Animal League America in NY

How Can I adopt an animal from your rescue?

To receive an application, please contact us at saveonelife@yahoo.com


Is there a fee to surrender an animal?


How do I know that my animal won't go to a kill shelter?

We are a no kill shelter and we will want only the best for our animals.

How do I contact you to surrender an animal?

Cell phone 423-956-2564 or

Email saveonelife@yahoo.com 

I changed my mind, and I want to try to keep my animal. Can I get him/her back?Once the surrender paper is signed the animal belongs to Rescue DOG & End of Life Sanctuary. 

Do I need to bring any papers or background info on my animal if I have it?


I know of an animal that is at a kill shelter or in danger, how do I contact your rescue and what information do you need from me?

Cell phone 423-956-2564 or
Email saveonelife@yahoo.com